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Empathy for sufferers of chronic pain

So sometime in the intervening period I was hit by a car and had several fractures in my foot. Ok great, so now I’d have a lot of time for reading, listening to podcasts, learning a new development environment, and training the EEG. Well, that was the idea. The reality was I spent most of my time feeling “washed out” from the painkillers, generally rubbish, and lacklustre. I have learned some Xamarin, done some EEG work, a lot of reading, and listened to many a podcast, but not much more than I would have done anyway.

Then seven weeks after the first accident when I was walking again, and the first time I was out on my bike cycling, I was clipped by a car and ended up on the road again! I was ok, unhurt, but, uhm, my overall experience of having several months of pain? Not much fun at all, I was pretty grumpy :-/